How to use LightAir Maven plugin

Setup POM.xml

Add the LightAir Maven plugin configuration to the POM file:

        <!-- Run to generate XSDs: mvn light-air:generate-xsd -->
          <!-- Add dependency to the database that you use in LightAir tests -->

Replace the dependency with the database type that you actually use.

Generate the XSD files

Run the LightAir Maven plugin to generate the XSD files:

 mvn light-air:generate-xsd

After this the XSD files will get generated in the src/test/java source folder.

Refer to the XSD root file from your dataset

In your dataset XML file add the XML schema reference to the generated dataset.xsd file (assuming the dataset resides in directory one level below src/test/java):

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<dataset xmlns:xsi=""
  <USER ID="1" EMAIL="" FIRST_NAME="John" LAST_NAME="Doe" />